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Be seen by your target audience.

In today’s world we don’t just use technology, we live technology. Social media and search engines are most consumers’ first port of call when researching and interacting with brands.


Online PR employs traditional public relations tactics – relationship building, content creation and creative thinking – but with a primarily online audience. Our digital PR team not only works with print and broadcast media, but also with influential bloggers and online influencers, as well as through social media channels.

Digital PR campaigns aren’t reliant on journalistic approval. We can create and promote social media content and outreach to bloggers with greater flexibility and, often, better reach than traditional PR campaigns.

We can also help you manage the occasional negative feedback which every prominent brand occasionally receives.

Better still, our online PR campaigns are designed to help your website improve its search engine rankings which means you’ll attract an audience that’s new to your brand.

At Receptional, we have the expertise and contacts to build your profile, improve your reputation and influence your audience’s purchasing activity.

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What’s involved?

  • Well, we start by immersing ourselves in your business. We try to understand your target audience, their hopes and fears
  • Next we review the market to find popular content and see what is trending
  • We’ll research and identify relevant contacts. We maintain a database of more than 70,000 journalists and social media influencers
  • Persuasion, persistence – and a soupçon of charm – ensure your content makes maximum impact
  • Finally, we review the results to ensure future campaigns benefit from any lessons learnt


Receptional’s PR team helps our clients attract coverage and links from national newspapers and magazines, the trade press, high-profile bloggers, social media influencers and online publications.

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