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Say goodbye to AVEs and unmeasurable success

Traditional PR involves contacting journalists with client stories in hopes of being covered in the printed press – the return on investment (ROI) of which is difficult to quantify. However, traditional media is rapidly being replaced by online alternatives. With this shift to digital, the cracks in traditional PR began to appear.

  • How would PR professionals attribute a rise in conversions to their work?
  • How long does the impact of printed coverage last for a brand?
  • How does a PR professional prove to clients that PR is giving them a return on their investment?

The solution? Digital PR.

Digital PR the Receptional Way

Over the years, Receptional has developed Digital PR experts, who have experience in planning and managing successful campaigns for a diverse range of clients, achieving links and coverage in top-tier relevant and influential publications.

With support from the technical SEO team, we provide the best strategy to ensure search rankings improve as a result of activity, as well as achieving an increase in traffic and conversions.

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    Data Driven

    • Our client campaigns are data led through original market research studies or data collection
    • We find newsworthy statistics relevant to the topics that matter to our clients and their audience
    • Our experts pull multiple angles out of each dataset, utilising the data and resources to the fullest

    All of which extends the return on your investment in digital PR as a service.

    Contacts and Media Relations

    • Access to the largest media database with over 1 million contacts
    • National and international publications across all industries and media

    Targeted outreach makes for a better response rate and a more efficient outreach process.

    Quality Content

    • As an agency we produce over 3.6k pieces of content per year
    • Our team includes people with journalistic experience who know what journalists want
    • Quality always over quantity, we pride ourselves on a rigorous editorial process which ensures everything we put out is of a high standard

    We don’t create content for content’s sake, each campaign is tailored to pique the interest of your target audience while also appealing to the journalists and editors receiving it.

    This is optimised PR – an integrated approach

    • Our proprietary tools Search Bridge™ and Find The Gap™ allow us to build a considered digital PR strategy that integrates with your PPC and content marketing strategies, to form a multi-channel approach.

    The rule of seven states that a prospective consumer must see a brand seven times before they engage. This integrated approach speeds up how and where they see your brand.

    What is Digital PR?

    • PR and Digital Marketing come together to deliver an optimised approach to campaigns
    • A way to attribute traffic and conversions to PR work with measurable analytics
    • Digital PR experts work with journalists, bloggers and influencers to achieve high-quality backlinks, brand mentions and social shares to increase brand awareness and improve a business’ SEO

    Digital PR takes the basic principles of traditional PR; media relations, newsworthy campaigns and creative content, but approaches them digitally, with SEO best practice in mind. The primary aim being to secure coverage on high quality websites that put your brand in front of the target audience, while benefiting from the influence of the host website’s authority.

    Digital PR is now an integral part of many wider marketing strategies. It helps your brand rank better in search engines for your most profitable products and services, while positioning you as leading experts in your industry. This tactic offers measurable, tangible results that allow clear ROI reporting.

    With the expansiveness of online, digital PR offers more opportunities for wider and better coverage, the effectiveness of which can be measured using analytics, meaning fluffy metrics such as AVEs are a thing of the past.

    Sports & Gaming – 121% increase in non-brand traffic

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