What’s New in Search (for Finance Marketers)? | Seminar

Your audience is more demanding and sophisticated than ever before. Smartphones have created a generation of super-savvy consumers.

This change is creating fantastic opportunities for financial services firms.

If you’re keen to understand how search campaigns are developing in the finance sector, join us for an afternoon seminar at Google’s London HQ.

At “What’s New in Search (for financial marketers)?” we will be discussing what can you expect as a Finance Marketer, specifically for Investment, Asset Management and Business Loans.

  • Covering topics such as: Whats new in PPC, Search landscape reports and how to produce effect Digital campaigns.
  • Hear from Google about the latest developments and industry insiders about overcoming common issues.
  • Join us at the end for an opportunity to stay for a glass of wine to discuss with our industry experts about any specific challenges your company is facing and

You can walk away with the insights you need to compete successfully in the year ahead.

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Your speakers will be:

Yiannis Pavlakis Google

Yiannis Pavlakis

Agency Development Manager


Google insights:

  • Why most businesses are lagging behind their customers
  • How Google operates in a mobile-only world
  • How machine learning is delivering a smoother user experience

Alister Sneddon

Co-Founder & CTO

Genuine Impact

Industry News & Financial Information

  • Financial information, from asset managers to industry news – discoverability is low
  • How to increase discoverability, provide useful content and turn leads into customers

Matthew Loughlin

Head of Paid Search


What’s new in PPC for Finance marketers?

  • Why understanding your audience will be more important than ever
  • How Google’s new ad formats will affect your campaigns
  • When to use machine learning (and when humans know best)

Chloe Sanders

PR Consultant,


How to Produce Creative and Effective PR in Finance

  • Content
  • Promotion
  • Effective PR campaigns

Dave Clough

Senior SEO Consultant,


Search Landscape Report for the Finance Sector

  • Biggest winners across various niches in Finance
  • What drives strong research results in Finance – what the winners do well
  • How you can dominate the search landscape

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On Tuesday 30th July 2019

From 1:30pm – 5pm

At Google Head Office in Kings Cross, London

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