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Campaign objectives

Discount Supplements sells health and fitness products, from whey protein to organic teas. The online retailer asked Receptional to improve the efficiency of its PPC campaigns so they would make more sales, more profitably.

The challenge

• To increase sales from non-brand traffic
• To reduce cost per sale – and increase profits

How Receptional helped

We used the latest PPC innovations to gain a competitive edge, we:

  • Created special offers within our Google Shopping feed to highlight relevant offers
  • Created ad customisers – so we could update frequently changing promotions
  • Improved attribution – by increasing the reporting window we could track the full customer journey
  • Tested automated bidding – which takes account of predicted revenue and profitability

The results

Receptional generated fantastic efficiency improvements, saving more than £1 million in ad spend.

Meanwhile, return-on-investment (ROI) almost doubled (+97%).

And we reduced cost of sale (COS) to 10%.

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