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The challenge

Receptional has been working with call tracking software firm, Mediahawk, to improve its organic rankings.

The market for call tracking software is highly competitive, competitors are tech-savvy and well-funded. Our brief was to improve rankings for relevant keywords which would be likely to generate significant increases in sales.

Here's how we did it

1. We published specially written content on the Mediahawk blog. This helped to generate the links needed to improve the site’s rankings.

2. We created downloadable PDF guides and published them on the Mediahawk site. By driving traffic to these PDFs we were able to capture potential clients’ contact details, generating new leads for the business.

3. We ran a highly targeted outreach campaign promoting the site’s content and generating online mentions and links.

Fantastic results

At the start of the campaign the target keywords ranked poorly, generating little or no traffic.

Our link building efforts boosted the site to the top of Google’s results pages for its target keywords.

The table above shows how the site jumped up the rankings.

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