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The challenge - and what we did

Receptional worked with NQA (the management systems certification provider) on an overhaul of its website.

There were a number of problems with its existing setup:

  • The site’s branding was out-of-date and in need of a refresh
  • From an SEO perspective the site was poorly optimised
  • The website attracted lots of traffic but few conversions

And here’s how we helped:

• We conducted keyword research to pinpoint exactly what customers are looking for
• We reviewed the site’s international SEO to ensure its pages appear in Google’s results internationally
• We provided usability recommendations to ensure the site’s visitors can find the content they’re looking for

The results

Before the site redesign, conversion rates were languishing around at 1.75%. After the relaunch, conversions shot up to 6.76%. That’s almost four times as many conversions.

The table shows how conversion rates increased. The change is particularly marked for organic traffic where conversions increased 10-fold.

What’s more, the bounce rate dropped from 68% to 46%, which suggests users are now more engaged.

Don't take our word for it ...

Receptional’s work was nominated for a DADI Award for ‘best professional services campaign’.

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