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Analytics and Attribution

Marketing without measurement is like a car with no steering wheel.

As marketers we live in a mobile world in which cross-device, cross-channel marketing is a fact of life.


Often, it’s a challenging, chastening and frustrating fact of life … but one we embrace.

In this newly mobile, multi-channel world, marketing measurement has become more complex.

Which is where Receptional can help. With access to the right data – and a good analytics model – we can make recommendations that will increase your profitability.

First, we work with you to make sure we’re recording the best data and track the most important interactions. We then use the data to help with:


  • Marketing attribution
  • Conversion rate optimisation
  • Remarketing and retargeting your site’s visitors
  • Picking the most profitable keywords for your SEO campaignsIf you’d like our thoughts on how we can work with your business, get in touch.

Want to make the most from your analytics?

The A-Z of Analytics and Attribution

The Basics

As a first step we’ll want to understand your business and your objectives for your website.

We’ll review your analytics account (if you have one) and put together a measurement plan that ensures your website is thoroughly and accurately tracked.

This allows us to create custom dashboards so that your most important metrics can be viewed at a glance.

That’s the basics covered.

Advanced Attribution Modelling

No matter how much we want it to be, data is never perfect. But it is possible to improve our understanding of how your website is performing. In today’s mobile world most businesses will benefit from a more advanced attribution model.

Our attribution specialists can help you understand the gaps in your website tracking – and how to make appropriate corrections.

Together, we can build an advanced attribution model that helps us understand your visitors’ typical journeys. We account for the affect of visitors using more than one device, off-line campaign activity and private browsing.

We’re then able to make recommendations on how to prioritise your marketing activity so you get more bang from your marketing buck.


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