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SEO Audit

A well-optimised website is the key to higher search rankings.

Your website’s technical foundations are crucial to your chances of online success. A poorly optimised website kills your chances of attracting traffic from Google.


If your site isn’t attracting as much traffic as you’d like, it’s time to check your foundations – with an SEO audit.

Receptional’s audits are different: we start with your business objectives and build from there.

Once we understand your business, we can ensure your investment in SEO is profitable, measurable and realistic. Everything we do is focused on generating the best possible return on investment.

Receptional’s SEO team is hugely experienced, we regularly win awards for our work. But, more importantly, we combine technical expertise with business insight.

That’s the Receptional difference – we may use tools and software to gather data, but we never rely on machines to produce insight or analysis.

If you’re concerned about your website’s current performance, please get in touch.

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Strategic thinking from the outset

Every SEO audit is conducted by an experienced consultant.

We start by researching your business, your target audience and your business model.

We’ll present our initial findings. That way, we can be sure our recommendations support your overall strategy.

We’ll then write up our findings and, if necessary, work with your developers to implement our recommendations.

Receptional’s SEO Audits identify the fundamental, technical issues with your website, with a focus on:

Which areas of your business make the most profit, and how your SEO can help

How well search engines can understand your site and its coding

What issues are affecting the user journey

Analytics and reporting
Making sure analytics is accurately reporting your key metrics

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