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9 of the Best Receptional Blog Posts of 2016

December 20, 2016

9 of the Best Receptional Blog Posts of 2016

Another year has nearly passed, 2016 saw some massive highs for Receptional, including our recent wins at the UK Search Awards. It was also a year of knowledgeable articles from our team about all things digital. This post showcases the top nine Receptional blog posts of 2016, just in case you needed reminding.

9. 7 Easy Steps to Perfectly Optimise Your Images


Image optimisation is a step in search engine optimisation (SEO) which is often overlooked but can affect where you rank in search engines. This post gives marketers and business owners seven steps to optimise their images, from editing the image’s title to using Open Graph, ensuring that they get all they can out of their content.

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8. 3 Brilliant Ways We Built Links and Boosted Traffic For Our Clients


Thinking of link building ideas isn’t always easy, particularly if the business isn’t in the most exciting industry. To help inspire marketers to think outside the box our SEO Consultant, Gina Hutchings, gives some examples of successful link building campaigns which Receptional has run for a range of clients including B2B and B2C.

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7. 7 Definitive Do’s and Don’ts of Google AdWords Pay Per Click


Pay Per Click advertising has the ability to give fantastic results, but only when it is done correctly. In this post we have put together a definitive list of the do’s and don’ts of Google Adwords making sure that you get exactly what you want out of your paid advertising efforts.

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6. 8 Common SEO Myths Exposed


How many times have you heard the cliché ‘content is king’? This is just one of the SEO myths commonly spread on the web and at marketing events. The key to SEO success is to be able to identify these myths and work around them to improve your SEO. This post highlights eight of the myths you may have come across.

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5. 12 Simple SEO Checks To Make On Your Site


SEO doesn’t have to be a technical minefield. There are some simple SEO checks you can undertake that will dramatically improve the visibility of your website in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). This post gives you 12 simple SEO checks to perform on your own website, giving you a kick start in the optimisation of your website.

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4. Launching a New Site? This SEO Checklist Will Tip The Balance In Your Favour


There is no point in having a brand new website if no one can find it. Once it has been launched there are certain  things you can do to ensure that your site will start to rank for your desired, and highest converting, keywords. This SEO checklist will help your website get off to the best start.

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3. 160+ Need To Know Digital Marketing Tips From Brighton SEO


Brighton SEO comes but twice a year and is one, or two, of the most anticipated industry events in the digital marketing calendar. It allows digital professionals to soak up the knowledge of like-minded experts. This post from the September Brighton SEO conference gives over 160 fantastic digital marketing tips for those that couldn’t make it or just needed their memory sparked.

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2. 99 SEO Nuggets from the BrightonSEO Conference



Don’t worry, you’re not experiencing déjà vu, this is another Brighton SEO post but a different one, this time from the April conference. We managed to gather 99 SEO tips, covering everything from social media, to SERPs, to content. If you are struggling with your SEO these posts are a life-saver.

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1. Watch Out Wordstream! Google AdWords Now Gives You An Account Health Score


Our most popular post of 2016 was about a Google Adwords development. In August of this year Google were testing an Account Health Score feature which provided top level feedback on what you have done right in your Adwords account and what opportunities are still available.

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Gemma Flinders

Digital Marketing Consultant

Gemma joined Receptional having previously worked as a marketing manager for a hair salon chain. She now works on PR, link building and SEO for a number of Receptional’s B2B and B2C clients. When she is away from her desk Gemma can be found writing for her lifestyle blog, wearing black and eating pizza.

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