[eBook] UK Asset Managers: Google’s Best And Worst Performers 2019

[eBook] UK Asset Managers: Google’s Best And Worst Performers 2019

August 13, 2019

[eBook] UK Asset Managers: Google’s Best And Worst Performers 2019

In SEO, no two niches are the same. Did you know:

  • There are well over 7.5 million Google searches a year in the asset & wealth management space
  • Roughly 90% of these are non-brand keywords, i.e. made by potential customers

With this in mind, it’s only natural asset & wealth management firms might find themselves asking “which asset manager website gets the most traffic?” “Is their dominance merely brand popularity or excellent SEO?”

Our new eBook ‘UK Asset Managers: Google’s Best And Worst Performers 2019‘ analyses which websites are the most visible on Google’s UK organic listings for relevant keywords in this space.

Some of our findings may surprise you (they did us) as will some of the opportunities we’ve uncovered.

For example, below are the top UK asset managers in order of total estimated non-brand traffic. We looked at these websites to get a sense of why they perform well – and which areas they can be beaten.

Is your company in the rankings? What about your competitors? Can your performance be improved?

Using our investigation, you’ll also uncover:

  • Top UK Asset Managers: are the biggest brands in the investment and wealth management space beatable in search?
  • SEO for Largest AUM Firms: are the biggest sites using the most fundamental optimisation strategies?
  • Brands Ranking for Premium Keywords: if the largest UK asset managers don’t appear for “asset management”, who does and why?
  • SEO Tips Based on Top Performing Websites: What are the best performing asset management sites doing well and what do they have in common?

Download your copy here!

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Dave Clough

Senior SEO Consultant

Dave has a strong background in SEO having previously been the SEO Manager for Argos and worked in senior positions across numerous leading digital agencies in London. A lateral thinker, Dave gets his kicks from creative problem solving across technical SEO, data & insight modelling, content marketing and communications.

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