Online marketing case study for the hospitality industry


Online marketing case study for the hospitality industry

The Challenge:


Comments from this client:

To prospective clients of Receptional

I have used many so called experts looking to take a lot of £££ off my company in the past and might as well have burnt the cash but in the case of receptional I can truly say they deliver lots of valuable enquires through their optimisation of my site and their general advice on any web related subject is excellent.

I have been a client now for 4 years and going with Receptional has really made the web work well for my company!!

Mike Morris, MD – Morris Conferencing

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Morris Conferencing approached Receptional with a view to exploring the internet as a new route to market. Although the client’s website had been online for some time, it was receiving very low levels of enquiries.

Initially working with a very small, unoptimised website, Receptional have worked in partnership with the client to develop website content, optimise site architecture, source targeted visitor traffic, improve visitor conversion rates, and reduce cost per acquisition.

Competition for clickthroughs was climbing steadily, and so the need to reduce reliance on increasingly expensive pay per click traffic became a high priority for this client, in order to maximise return on investment and revenue.

Specific techniques used have included, but are not limited to:

Pay per click advertising

  • Keyword analysis to determine the most effective key phrases to use in promoting the site
  • Setup and management of pay per click campaigns across a variety of traffic sources
  • A/B testing of advertising copy and choice of targeted keyphrases to determine which listings gave both the best clickthrough rate, but most importantly the listings that provided optimal return on investment
  • Proactive analysis of the return on investment provided by paid traffic sources, drilled down to the campaign and keyword level

Search engine optimisation

  • Search engine optimisation of the website’s underlying code, link structure and overall architecture
  • Adaptation of and additions to site content in order to improve search engine targeting
  • Targeted directory submissions
  • Use of both static and dynamic pages to target a variety of keyword areas
  • Statistical analysis and visitor conversion analysis to improve user experience and conversion rates.
  • By February 2005, traffic to the site had increased by over 2500% since marketing of the site began.
  • In the 12 months from February 2004 to February 2005, following significant search engine optimisation work, but also major reductions in pay per click spending, overall traffic increased by over 200%
  • In the 12 months from February 2004 to February 2005 levels of enquiries to the site from natural search increased threefold, while cost per acquisition has been consistently reduced.
  • By February 2005, 85% of all traffic to the site came from natural/unpaid search, compared to 20% in February 2004.
  • The client’s website receives search engine traffic from more than 3000 distinct keyphrases each month, as well as enjoying top search engine rankings for competitive phrases.
  • Website promotion is now a key area of marketing for this client

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