Receptional Training Day: An Advertiser's Guide to YouTube Best Practice

Receptional Training Day: An Advertiser’s Guide to YouTube Best Practice

February 3, 2020

Receptional Training Day: An Advertiser’s Guide to YouTube Best Practice

Join Receptional, Fall Off The Wall and a guest speaker from Google on 31st March for Receptional’s YouTube Advertising training day!

Over 5 billion videos are viewed on YouTube every day. A staggering 2.0 billion users log in each month.

Within the world of advertising, those are some very exciting figures.

There’s a high chance that somewhere – within the billions of users frequenting YouTube each week – a segment of people are interested in your products or services.

YouTube’s audience targeting capabilities are better than ever. It’s much easier to reach your audience – at large scale and an extremely low cost.

Which means video advertising doesn’t have to be expensive, complicated – or feared.

So, if you’re keen to understand how YouTube advertising is developing, join us for a morning seminar at Receptional’s office.

Our upcoming YouTube Ads training day will be taking a best-practise approach to utilising video advertising for differing business goals – from brand awareness to lead generation. The day will include three speakers from Receptional, Google, and Fall off the Wall:

1. Holly Ellwood, Senior Paid Search Consultant, Receptional

Audiences, remarketing, contextual targeting, ad formats – the possible permutations of YouTube Ads might initially seem daunting.

Our training will prove that video advertising doesn’t have to be so intimidating. We’ll show you several simple, yet effective features that will ensure your brand’s safety.

2. Yiannis Pavlakis, Agency Development Manager, Google

Google will be joining us to help cover the latest in best practice and will reveal new beta features that advertisers should be particularly excited about.

3. Marlon Griffin, Creative Director, Fall off the Wall

No campaign can be successful without fantastic creative.

Compelling storytelling through video can help make a lasting impact, eliciting a strong emotional response from viewers.

While a concisely stated call-to-action to guide users can help drive a specific and desired response.

So, what sort of approach and messaging strategy are best for your business goals?

Video creative agency Fall Off The Wall will be covering ad creative. They will help you understand what works well.

Join us on 31st March for our first training day to find out more about how to harness video advertising to help reach your business goals in 2020!

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    Holly Ellwood

    Senior Paid Search Consultant

    Holly has been working in digital marketing for six years, four of which have been spent working specifically on paid search campaigns. She is AdWords Qualified and works with a number of charity clients so has strong experience with Google Grant accounts. Outside of work Holly enjoys eating, sleeping and cats.

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